CompanyView and edit your business number and head office address.
UsersAdd, delete and edit your company's users and their user permissions.
InvoicesView, download and pay your weekly consolidated invoices from all carriers
ReportsBrowse your available dashboards and reports to help you make better decisions
Address BookView and edit your company, warehouse, customer, store and 3PL addresses.
Payment MethodsAdd credit / debit cards to select when paying for your freight.


ProductsManage products for easier fulfilment and compliant documentation.
PackagingManage frequently used packages for faster fulfilment and accurate quoting.
TagsManage tags for easier categorisation of shipments and integrations.
Branded TrackingManage your customised tracking page so that it looks and feels like your own website.


PlatformsManage your online ERP platforms and eCommerce integrations.
Shipping APIView your Shipping API key and develop your own custom integrations.
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